Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sweet Sister's Retreat in Las Vegas ~June 2013

In March I started thinking it was time for another Sister's Sweet Retreat. We had hoped in the beginning to have some cousins with us this time so we invited Angie and Shellie as well as Nancy and Joan. We really wanted to have some time with Aunt Lorraine and Aunt Charlene, as well. Angie and I have wanted to get more history on our grandparents and parents lives and were thinking we'd better do it soon. So, this time we had decided to go to Las Vegas so it would be closer for Aunt Charlene and some of the others.

I arranged for a condo at the WorldMark there and sent out invites. Howbeit, Aunt Charlene wasn't able to come since Uncle Burl had recently fallen and needed her at home. Nancy and Joan were also unable to come because of family plans. Angie thought she'd be able to be with us but at the last minute she found out she'd have family at her place that same time. Penny had just gotten a new job and wasn't able to take the tim off so it ended up being Peggy, Margie and I. But, of course we would have fun and that's just what we did.
I left here Friday, May 31st right after school. Bea was covering me at the pharmacy so I headed straight for Peggy's and we headed to Margie's. We got there around 9:00 had a nice visit soaking in her hot tub and all. We got a good night sleep and left early the next morning. Margie drove and we stopped in Cedar City to see John and Natalie. Natalie was still in the hospital because they had just had a new little boy. James was also there so we got to visit with him over lunch. Again, I should have taken more pictures, but alas...
We also stopped at Cosco in St. George to get some groceries for our retreat. We met up with Peter there and had a nice visit with him before leaving for Vegas.

We got in that evening and got settled in our rooms for the night.

WorldMark had given us some "cheap" tickets to the Donny and Marie Show on condition we do a presentation with them. Since we wanted to go to the show we arranged to do the "presentation" on Monday morning. (Now my memory may fail me but I'll try to keep it straight. Any corrections are welcomed and appreciated.)

Sunday morning we went to the Las Vegas Temple and walked around before going to see Ephraim's Rescue. We had a nice time at the temple and I did get a few pictures there.
Afterwards, the show was wonderful and a great way to spend the sabbath since we didn't know times and places of a church to go to.

Monday morning we went to the breakfast/presentation and met a wonderful young man. We had a lovely visit with him and even got to bear our testimonies to him. He knew several other "Mormons" and had good impressions so it was easy to talk with him. Later, after relaxing on the balcony and visiting with those we'd left at home
we got ready and took off for the stores. We went everywhere from Wal-Mart to the Mall and bought everything from fingernail polish to shoes, shoes and more shoes. Now we each have some really nice comfortable and fashionable shoes. We even have matching shoes thanks to Peggy. We found matching blouses again this year and just about everything else.
When we got back to our condo we had a bite to eat and crashed watching a movie.

Tuesday morning I fixed breakfast for us and we left to do a temple session together.

Wish I could figure out how to turn photos that upload sideways on the blogs. Not all do, but sometimes it happens and I don't know how to fix them. At least in my CD version they will be righted. Anyway, we ate breakfast and went to the temple.

We ate a late lunch at the temple and visited with a sister outside afterwards. She was from another country (can't remember where) and on her way to visit a US friend. Again, the spirit was strong and testimonies were boren. It all felt so right!
We returned to our condo to get ready for the show. Our tickets were for a table in the balcony but when we got them they ushered us right up front. We were almost dead-centered about 7-8 feet from the stage. It was wonderful and the show was great.

One evening we sat in the hot tubs and visited with a couple from Australia. 

Wednesday morning we loaded the car and headed back north. We stopped in Logandale and visited with Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Gail. It may be the last time we see them since they are moving closer to their children. We had a nice visit and Aunt Lorraine shared with us that her family had lived in Rigby but moved to Pocatello before Marilyn graduated from HS. They moved into a train car while they built the brick home on 5th South. That's one more cue to their family life. Thanks Aunt Lorraine!!
When we got to St. George we stopped to shop a bit more, had lunch and then went on home. We got to Margie's somewhere around 8:30-9:00 and into Provo around 11:30. Mark met Peggy and I at Gracie's place and took her on home with him. I stayed the night with Grace because she was taking me to the airport in the morning. I was going to meet Dan there and fly to Portland.
Another great Sister's Retreat!

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