Friday, July 31, 2009

Retreating in Logan & Brigham City's Flying J

Another 2009 summer gathering as Harmon sisters -- up in Logan and a month later! Like St. George we hadn't a care in the world and the hands on the clock didn't exist; we just knew we were together to play, gab, and remember childhood days together. Only this time we longed for our sister Sandy to have been with us...

Margie and Peggy stayed at Penny's home from Tuesday July 14th till Friday July 17th. Our plan was for only two days, but the 48 hours were flashing by too quickly, so Peggy found a replacement at work and we tacked on an extra 24 hours.

We began our time together with picking up Mom and Sophie, then Penny for a picnic lunch at a park right next to where Penny works. Lovely little park! Soon after lunch, with a genuine invite of Penny's, Margie and I went to her home and got all our stuff up the flights of stairs (confession here: neither of the two of us like to pack lightly...wouldn't want to go without, ya know!). We entered Penny's home only to find gift bags of lotion, spray, bubble balls, etc. waiting on each of our beds. Her home was filled with all kinds of fun things for us to be comfortable! Melons and veggie tray to all in the freezer! And guess what was sitting on her dining room table!! OREOS!! We couldn't go wrong with OREOS -- or could we!

Then without any rain, thunder and lightning like in St. George, the three of us ate at Costa Vida with Mom, Kelly and Julia. Pleasant evening breeze while catching up, including learning of Julia and her bike accident. Soon after, we all met at Kelly's and played Margie's Mexican Train, a special style of dominoes. Think we had about ten people gathered around the table together. Fun night! Harmon's even passed out a box of Fat Boys. And Julia pulled out her Crystal Light popsicles. Yummy and only 10 calories per. (Just ran out of my first box in or freezer.)

Back off to bed to Penny's -- so we thought. How about 1 am, after talking ourselves to sleep. About nine the next morning, Margie and I are waking up to Penny's freshly baked blueberry muffins and other assorted breakfast items with a lovely table setting and all; she was dressed and ready to head to work! GOOD NEWS: she was able to get off work EARLY, 1pm instead of 6pm!! "Hurray Penny!! We'll meet you at your new Wal-Mark south of town", because of course we had to have plenty of time shopping around town together, trying on this/trying on that, encouraging one another to buy up a new wardrobe -- well begin to. What are sisters for anyway. This is a time of sharing, confiding, learning -- how to add new makeup, how to cook, how not to cook, sharing on facebook -- on and on -- how to live simply, and especially, how to live close with our Heavenly Father all the while. What great sweet connections we have -- particularly since we're each connected to Him, our Father.

Our next few days continued in the same mode. Late nights, late mornings, visits and shopping with Mom -- then we got into jewelry making, thanks to Margie's initiation and organizing items she and Penny had already connected. And NOW, the four of us sisters have five sets of magical earrings we can wear and think of the love and support we feel from each other any day we want.

After gathering with Harmons again at their home Thursday evening, with Kelly so generously providing Panda Express for all, and then enjoying breakfast at Mom's Pioneer Valley Lodge Friday morning, Margie and I were off down the road together to head home. Headed south into Sardine Canyon, that still soft voice "Call Sandy" came to my mind. Only a phone call away! And ONLY a few miles away! She was headed south to Provo to be with Kristi who has had her new baby. She is in Brigham City filling up with gas at the Flying J!! "Hang on Sandy, HERE WE COME!"

Once we saw one another there at Flying J, Sandy was admiring our matching earrings! "Guess what! We got some JUST for you!" After a short visit and hugs galore, we were on our way, almost caravaning down I15. A wave or two through the construction zone and traffic, and it was almost like having been together the past few day -- GOOD days. Not to be forgotten!


Sandy said...

Sounds like you had a blast. I wish I could have been with you. Next time. Thanks for sharing the blog with me. Love you all!!

Margie said...

We did have a wonderful time in Logan! And it was the sweet cherry on top to meet Sandy in Brigham City.
That timing didn't seem like a coincident, but a blessing from above. My heart is full of love for my sweet sisters!

Sandy said...

Love this blog creation! Thanks Sandy for an excellent write-up of St. George and for adding in those last two photos at Flying J, Margie - or was that from none other than Elizabeth's camera?! This is all making me tingle tonight!

Need to remember creating those charm bracelets Sandy spoke of there in Brigham City!

Peggy said...

Love this blog creation! Thanks Sandy for an excellent write-up of St. George and for adding in those last two photos at Flying J., Margie -or was that from none other than Elizabeth's camera? This is all make me tingle tonight!

Need to remember creating those charm bracelets Sandy spoke of there in Brigham City!